Q: How long does one refill cartridge last?

A: Each refill cartridge will deodorize for
approximately 30 days. The gel on the inside of the
cartridge will begin depleting as soon as it is exposed
to the air.

Q: My refill cartridge still smells after 30 days, is it

A: No, even if the refill has a lingering scent, our
formula is tested to deodorize for approximately 30
days. Any scent afterwards is just remanence of the
essential oils within the gel and will not deodorize your

Q: Does DeoBlock just mask odors?

A: No, DeoBlock actually deodorizes the space by
attacking malodor molecules and leaving your space
smelling fresh with the mixture of an essential oil

Q: How do I order custom DeoBlocks?

A: Visit our wholesale page, fill out the form, and we
will reach out via email within 48 hours.

Q: How do I enable the adjustable airflow feature?

A: Turn DeoBlock 90° counter-clockwise.

Q: How big of a space will DeoBlock efficiently

A: A standard sized half bathroom, approximately
5’ x 5’ x 8’ is as big as we recommend. DeoBlock also
deodorizes cars of all sizes effectively. 

Q: What other spaces can I deodorize with DeoBlock?

A: Gym bags, lockers, cars, closets, cabinets, shoes or
any other compact spaces that need deodorizing.

Q: Is DeoBlock durable?

A: Yes. DeoBlock is structurally sound 
due to its three-dimensional cube design.
 We designed it this way to withstand the 
wear and tear of equipment and gym bags.

Q: Can I leave my DeoBlock in very hot/cold climates?

A: Yes! DeoBlock’s gel has been clinically stability
tested and remains stable in temperatures as high as
113° F and below freezing. Leave DeoBlock in your
car without a care in the world.

Q: Is the DeoBlock Refill Cartridge already filled with gel?

A: Yes, we would never let you down! Every DeoBlock
arrives with a cartridge pre-filled with our deodorizing
gel and essential oil fragrance of your choice.

Q: Is a subscription service required?

A: Of course not! However, we suggest this due to the
convenience of getting refills shipped right to your
doorstep, every 30 days, no sweat.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

A: Absolutely. Please login to your account profile and visit  the ‘subscriptions’tab. Follow the instructions indicated  and cancel your refill subscription.

Q: What kind of gel is in each refill cartridge? 

A: 100% Plant-based gel, mixed with our deodorizing
formula and unique essential oil scents.

Q: Do refills contain 100% natural essential oils?

A: No. We use a combination of high-quality fragrance components as well as pure essential oils in order to create pleasant and  unique fragrances.

Q: How do I dispose of my refill cartridge?

A: All refill cartridges are 100% recyclable. Even the
gel on the inside! Please dispose of the refill cartridges
by throwing them in your recycling bin. Then, make
sure you head back here, deoblock.com, for another!

Q: How many scents do you offer?

A: DeoBlock currently has 3 available scents:

Oceanside, Sandalwood, and Apple Blossom.

However, we are always working on researching new
scents based on customer’s feedback! If you would
like us to look into creating a new fragrance, submit a
request at the bottom of our website.

Q: Can I refill DeoBlock with my own third-party essential oils?

A: No. DeoBlock refill cartridges arrives with our
deodorizing, essential oil, gel pre-filled. We guarantee
there is a scent you will love!

Q: What happens if my DeoBlock breaks?

A: While that would be extremely impressive, please
email us at info@deoblock.com with any photos of
the damage and we will send you a new one. 

Q: Can I return my product if I am unsatisfied?

A: Yes, message info@deoblock.com and we will
address your concern within 24 hours.
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