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portable deodorizer

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our deodorizing gel is plant-based and will neutralize odors instead of masking them.

essential oils

each refill pod contains a unique blend of essential oils.


our refill pods and packaging are fully recyclable.

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DeoBlock is reusable. simply reload with our refill pods every 30 days.


Throw DeoBlock into your gym bag, athletic bag, locker or anywhere that needs the funk out.

minimal design

DeoBlock will blend into any environment to effectively deodorize your space.

Don’t just take our word for it…

The product was a big hit for the kids at my camp.

- Cliff Levingston, NBA Champion | ’91, ’92 Chicago Bulls

We tried everything to remove the smell from my son’s hockey bag...DeoBlock is the only thing that has worked and now we are lifetime customers.

- Mary | Hockey Mom

I like the product and the consistency of the subscription.

- Nick Westbrook, NFL Wide Receiver | Tennessee Titans

I’ve never been more excited to go into a locker room!

- Alex Boone | Pro Athlete
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smelled this good

convenient shipments

3 refills arrive every 3 months, so don’t sweat it.

$5 refill pods

unique essential oil blends to choose from.


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