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we created deoblock to solve bad odors in your life once and for all.

the most effective solution.


deoblock is specifically designed to neutralize odors safely and effectively throughout many different spaces. Our proprietary gel formula evaporates into the surrounding area over the course of 30 days to eliminate malodor molecules before they can reach your nose. deoblock is optimized for gym bags, athletic bags, lockers, shoes, luggage and other compact spaces.

our story


Our journey began in 2015 when we were seniors in a high school business incubator class. As athletes, we realized there wasn't an effective product in the market for deodorizing bad odors emitting from our athletic bags. After growing tired of using cheap air fresheners that temporarily masked odors, we set out to create a product that actually deodorizes bad odors at the source. After receiving grant-based funding from winning our district pitch competition, we worked tirelessly to create the most effective deodorizing solution on the market. We are on a mission to innovate deodorizing solutions for various applications.