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new & improved

deoblock 2.0 deodorizer

for your lax bag


Each deoblock refill pod contains a proprietary deodorizing gel that effectively neutralizes bad odors for an entire month

deoblock starter pack




  • 1x Custom True Lax deoblock
  • 1x Refill Pod
  • Refill Pod Subscription
  • Free Shipping
  • 40% off Refills
  • Cancel anytime



subscription details


How long does each refill pod last?
Each refill pod lasts for 30 days & is fully recyclable.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, you can do so by logging in to your deoblock account page or by emailing
Does deoblock just mask odors?
No, each refill pod uses a proprietary deodorizing gel that neutralizes malodor molecules and leaves your space smelling fresh.
How big of a space will deoblock deodorize?
About 50sqft.
What other spaces can I deodorize with deoblock?
Gym bags, equipment bags, lockers, cars, shoes, closets, bathrooms the list goes on!
Is the deoblock refill pod already filled with gel?
Every deoblock refill pod is pre-filled with our proprietary deodorizing gel.
How do I dispose of my refill pod?
All refill pods are 100% recyclable.
Can I return my product if I am unsatisfied?
Yes, email and we will address your concern.